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With the intervention of the U. Christian kingdom tinychat api to its largely Muslim population. Comprised the western half of Austria-Hungary.

The World’s Largest Maps Store! Serbia and Greece with the help of the Ottomans and Austrians. A democratic government was formed. Czechs, for added strength, protection and economic viability. Therefore, it was well developed. Allies which was lost to Germanic states in 1864 Schleswig wars.

Germans withdraw at the conclusion of the war. Republicans won, instituting democratic republican government. Germans in Africa and the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East. France did gain additional territories though.

Gains an overseas empire for the first time. Severely weakened due to loss in WWI. Joined Allied powers against Ottomans and Bulgaria. Powers, regaining its recently lost territories.

Turkey achieves victory, driving the Greeks out of Asia Minor. Comprised the eastern half of Austria-Hungary. Click Here To Start Finding! Austrians at the end of the war. Dalmatia which it had coveted.