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The 21-year-old revealed she was gay before the Thanksgiving holiday. Mariah gathered her father Kody, his four wives and her grandmother in the living room to share her news. By Christine Rendon And Chris Spargo For Dailymail. Christine Rendon And Chris Spargo For Dailymail. She came out to her family in a recent episode of Sister Wives. And now it looks like Mariah Brown has found love. Westminster College peer, Audrey Kriss.

The couple’s relationship became Facebook official on February 19. And Audrey has already made quite the positive impact on the reality star. Was it an inside job? I am is perfectly okay,’ Mariah tweeted on March 8. Instagram photo of herself alongside her girlfriend on February 18, which she captioned, ‘When your girlfriend is an artist, so you pretend to art for a day just for her. The new relationship comes not long after an episode of Sister Wives showed Mariah coming out as gay to her family. But what seemed like a joyful moment for the entire family proved to be anything but, with a recent episode of the reality show looking at the aftermath of Mariah’s big news and the impact it had on the family.

Specifically, the impact that Mariah’s revelation that she is a lesbian had on her mother Meri, who viewers learned spent most of the days after her daughter’s coming out breaking down in tears and complaining about the things in life that she will never get to have because her daughter is gay. I just always expected that she would grow up, meet a guy, get married and have kids,’ a weeping Meri wails at the camera in a confessional interview that airs at one point during the episode. I kind of always expected that. I always wanted to have a son. I just always kind of thought well, you know, since I never had a son, I will be able to adopt Mariah’s husband as a kind of a son. She then became even more emotional, saying: ‘And I looked forward to seeing who that could be.

And that’s not gonna happen. Weeping: ‘I always wanted to have a son. She just needs acceptance,’ explained Robyn. I accept her, I do,’ said Meri, who then began to cry a bit harder.

Robyn just looked over and stared into Meri’s face, telling her she needed to avoid showing Mariah her tears. Later in the episode, Mariah also came out to her older siblings, who were all thrilled to hear the news and excited for their sister. And she and mom Meri were able to sit down and have a good talk, despite the fact that her mother kept nervously laughing and used the word weird at an unfortunate time while speaking about her daughter’s lifestyle. Mariah revealed she was gay before the Thanksgiving holiday. Mariah gathered her father Kody, his four wives and her grandmother in the living room to share her news while cameras were filming, and caught her pacing while she she nervously prepared herself to make the big announcement. This feels so awkward,’ said said at one point. Then, Mariah very quickly blurted out: ‘Um, I’m gay.

One of the wives said ‘are you serious? After confirming she was both ‘serious’ and ‘really’ gay the episode ended, with next week showing the family coming to terms with Mariah’s sexuality. The Brown family are members of the Apostolic United Brethren, a fundamentalist Mormon church that believes in plural marriage. They rose to fame when they came out as polygamists with the premiere of Sister Wives in 2010, when they lived in Lehi Utah. But in 2011 they moved to Las Vegas, fearing they would be arrested for polygamy, and have built a new life in four homes at the end of a cul de sac while the children have slowly grown up, and some of them out. Two daughters, Janelle’s Madison and Christine’s Mykelti, have gotten married to men with the plan to live monogamously. One son, Hunter, is in the Air Force Academy, another son, Logan, is at UNLV with a girlfriend.

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