Blender dating

Blender dating

And compared to a traditional jug blender, they can be a lot more convenient too: simply stick it into your pan and away you go. But a lot of today’s hand blenders are much more than just a stick. Lots come with mini food processor and whisk attachments too, which while giving you multiple appliances in one, are also not as dinky as you might want. By making endless soups, smoothies, dips and sauces, blender dating tested over a dozen hand blenders to find the very best of the bunch.

With six different attachments, there’s very little this blender can’t do. It can also be a masher, a whisk, a chopper and a grinder. The blender is also really powerful and had no problems powering through frozen fruit to make a smoothie or chunky veg to create a velvety soup. As you’d expect from the price and its 1000W motor, it’s one of the most powerful and efficient on the market. Although it doesn’t come with many extra parts, it does come with a small blending jug. This is part of the Artisan range which is best known for its stylish, retro-inspired stand mixer. This cordless hand blender stands out from the pack as you’re free to blend away from an electric socket.

It has a little removable charger but you do have to wait a little while for it to charge up though, which could be annoying if you want soup and you want it now. To fully charge the battery takes three hours, but that then lasts just as long without recharging. It has five different speeds and comes with three interchangeable stainless steel blades, a whisk and a mini food-chopper. Easy to use, it blended chunky soup without a problem, which you’d expect from the price. The blender itself may be on the heavy side but it comes with a handy case for keeping all the parts together. With a handy bag to keep all the parts together and a slick stainless steel design, this is a practical option. With various attachments allowing you to blend, chop and whisk, you get a lot for your money and can use this for the likes of soups and cake mixes.

The speed is changed with a dial which allows you to control the power easily. It also comes with a blending jug, mini food processor and whisk. This sleek, modern-looking blender comes with measuring jugs, a chopper bowl and whisk attachment too, allowing you to puree baby food and whip up meringues as well as blend smoothies and soups. With a dial to increase the power, this one effectively blended up both chunky apple and frozen banana, creating a perfectly smooth smoothie. It looks more expensive compared to others of a similar price, and despite being one of the least powerful at 700W, worked effectively. What’s more, it also has eight speeds and a turbo boost, which seemed powerful despite its relatively low 650W. As part of a set with attachments that allow you to mash and chop too, it’s good value for money.

Unfortunately it’s not particularly stylish. Slightly different to the other blenders in the list, this one can be a little fiddly as it requires pressing two buttons at once, though it does allow you to increase the speed by squeezing the handle. It’s relatively quiet for a blender and has a simple but pleasing design. You turn the dial on the top to increase and decrease the power, which is simple to do mid-blend. It’s not up there in the looks stakes, but the stainless steel casing wouldn’t look offensive in most kitchens.