Amda dating service

Amda dating service

Please forward this error screen to sharedip-192186223104. 866-790-6550 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Yes, I tried that Ashley Madison thing briefly and they are the ones shown on my amda dating service statement as AMDB. They are such crooks though.

20 a month though I never used their services beyond that first trial period. So, your husband has been there and has interacted with the ladies. Still Ashley Madison Data Base. Your hunny is hunting for a new hive. I am not this handle but it’s a spoof of his handle.

That even means your daughter is a getting hammered by a 40 to 50 year old man. And it even assists the guys from not getting caught in the act. It’s Ashley Madison, he bought contact credits, trying to set up a cheating connection. I believe I am a victim of CC fraud and changed my account number to stop being charged by this BOGUS scam. Somebody better stop these effin losers and I will be smarter about my CC security. I’m not married, but lonely housewives rock my world! Don’t listen to the jerks trying to tell you it’s something else.

If this appears on your statement, and you know its not YOU, it’s your spouse cheating on you, or at least trying to. 19 is the monthly maintenance fee, but other charges are what you have to pay to try to contact other people. I have found this phone number 866-790-6550 on our joint banking account. It is from ADMA and has this number attached to it. Does anybody have any idea what this is?

How do they contact these women? Are they given a fake phone number so it won’t show on phone records? I’m sorry he hurt you. Apparently they won’t let him cancel it.

I called the number, and a man picked up. He told me he had to speak with my hubby directly. Husband is probably going to cancel his Visa and get a new one. It is fraud and it belongs to ashleymadison. Of course your hubby is using the service. Sorry but it’s how we men arewish you the best.

They sell credits which you use up to contact potential dates. Most guys blow their credits in hopes of hooking up with someone and it doesn’t work out. Chances are, he didnt get anywhere with it. And if it didnt happen often, he quit because he got remorse, or because the service didn’t get him any action.